CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CAS-003


The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CAS-003 Complete Video Course is an engaging, self-paced video training solution that provides learners with 18 hours of personal, visual instruction from expert trainer Michael J. Shannon. Through the use of topic-focused instructional videos, you will gain an in-depth understanding of each objective in the CompTIA CASP CAS-300 exam as well as a deeper understanding of advanced security principles.

This title covers every key topic in the exam, including risk management, enterprise security architecture, enterprise security operations, technical integration of enterprise security, research, development, and collaboration. Michael Shannon also includes demos throughout the training so you can see first hand how to approach real-world security problems. This is the perfect training solution to learn all of the advanced security topics that appear on the test and real security knowledge and skills to help you do your work as a security practitioner. Full of live trainer discussions, hands-on demos, lightboard elaborations, and deep-dive discussions, this course covers security in a way that is easy to access and even fun.




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Size: 7.27 GB

Learn How To
* Integrate network and security components, concepts, and architectures
* Integrate security controls for host devices
* Integrate controls for mobile and small form factor devices
* Select software security controls
* Conduct security assessments
* Select the proper security assessment tools
* Implement incident response and recovery
* Integrate hosts, storage, and applications in the enterprise
* Integrate cloud and virtualization technologies in the enterprise
* Integrate and troubleshoot advanced AAA technologies
* Implement cryptographic techniques
* Secure communication and collaboration solutions
* Apply research methods for trend and impact analysis
* Implement security activities across the technology lifecycle
* Interact across diverse business units

Who Should Take This Course
* IT security professionals who have a minimum of 10 years of experience in IT administration, including at least 5 years of hands-on technical security experience
* Systems/network/application security professionals who are preparing for the CASP exam
* Any IT professional who wants to gain an advanced understanding of how to secure modern enterprises beyond the Security+ or SSCP certifications