Complete WhatsApp Marketing Course
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Ever wondered what Whatsapp for Business does and how you can use it to explode your small business? In this masterclass, I will take you through the key functionality in Whatsapp for Business and what it means from a mobile marketing standpoint. I have witnessed the meteoric growth of this app over the last two years, with the immense interest evident from the people who find and engage with my content on Youtube.

This course covers:

  • Whatsapp Statuses
  • Away & Greeting Messages
  • Whatsapp for Business Benefits
  • Whatsapp API 
  • How to built a bot using a bot builder

I am confident that the more people who know about Whatsapp for Business and its powerful arsenal of tools it offers, the more widespread it will become.


  • WhatsApp has 2 billion active users worldwide.
  • WhatsApp is ranked as the most used mobile messenger app in the world.
  • More than 100 billion messages are sent each day on WhatsApp.
  • The average WhatsApp user on Android spends 38 minutes per day on the app.
  • India has the most WhatsApp monthly active users (390.1 million).


Set up a Whatsapp for Business profile and trial it for your small business to see what feedback you get from consumers

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Whatsapp’s possibilities

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the full scope of possibilities with marketing using Whatsapp
  • Appreciate the difference between Whatsapp and Whatsapp for Business
  • Uncover the opportunities of the Whatsapp API
  • Learn to build your own bot (No coding experience required!)


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