Complete Guide to Punctuation: Improve Your English Writing!
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Are you among the millions of people out there wanting to make an impact with your writing but finding it difficult to get your point across in a simple and concise manner?

If so, then you’ll find that learning to use the commas, dashes, colons, ellipsis, hyphens, apostrophes, and other types of punctuation marks may just be your ticket to success because they can add a sense of flair and meaning to your writing.

Punctuation has the ability to completely change the meaning of a sentence!

For example “Lets eat, grandma” here were suggesting to grandma that we should eat food together, but if we remove the comma, now it changes to “Lets eat grandma” here were implying that we should eat “grandma” which I’m sure is not humane.

  • Prince Halder “Awesome. I didn’t have any prior knowledge about transcribing. After doing this course I think I do not need to collect further any information about transcribing. His teaching method is superb. He covered exactly what I needed in a short amount of time.”
  • Delphine Pierre: “Instructor is very thorough and gives clear explanations and also adds some great tooltips.”
  • Dina Yemutbayeva: “Thanks a lot! Great explanation and helpful assignments! Perfect!”


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