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This is the Complete Foundation in C# course series bundle. If you want to learn C#, this is the place to start. Even if you know C#, but you think you might have some gaps in your knowledge, this course will set you on the right path. Learn about the language, how to debug, what OOP is and why it is important, what the various UIs are and when to use each, how to connect to various data sources, and even how to progress in your career. This course sets you up for success.




Original Price: $620
Our Price: $10


Size: 22.50 GB

  • Read and write clean code that utilizes best practices

  • Learn .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard, .NET 6

  • Master C# syntax and patterns from variables to configuring Entity Framework

  • Connect to SQL, SQLite, MongoDB, CosmosDB, and more
  • Write apps in Razor Pages, MVC, API, Blazor, WPF, Winforms, and more

  • Grasp topics like generics, extension methods, and events

  • Use inheritance, interfaces, abstract, modifiers and overrides (OOP)

  • Discover advanced debugging techniques

  • Build two real-world applications from start to finish