Certified Wireless Network Administrator – CWNA-108


For any network administrator whose career involves a focus on wireless technologies — or may some day, Certified Wireless Network Administrator is the perfect certification. The CWNA cert is provided by Certified Wireless Network Professionals, and after taking the CWNA-108 exam, you’ll know your way around every technology, device and problem a wireless network could throw at you.

For anyone who manages a wireless network, this wireless training can be used for CWNA-108 exam prep, onboarding new network administrators, individual or team training plans, or as a reference resource.


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Size:  30.3 GB

This Certified Wireless Network Administrator training covers CWNA-108 WLANs exam objectives, including these topics:

  • Understanding radio frequency (RF) technologies and essentials
  • Recognizing WLAN regulations, standard protocols, and devices
  • Best practices for WLAN network architecture and design
  • Enforcing WLAN security
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing WLANs