Breaching The Perimeter With Enterprise Phishing
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Welcome to the FIRST complete guide to Enterprise Phishing! A lot of other Phishing courses courses will just teach you how to send the emails or target systems. Learning just this aspect of Enterprise Phishing WILL NOT GET YOU THE JOB IN THE REAL WORLD! The Breaching The Perimeter With Enterprise Phishing was designed and developed by Silicon Valley Hackers to actually land you the hacking job or penetration testing!

The reason the course was designed in this unique way is due to the real world Ethical Hacking Experience at Silicon Valley Company’s by Brandon Dennis. With countless years of hiring Ethical Hackers, building out Security/Ethical Hacking Teams and developing new attack techniques Brandon is uniquely qualified to provide a full top to bottom course on what it REALLY takes to get into the field of Ethical Hacking.

After completing this course you will have not only a solid understanding of Ethical Hacking but also how Teams work at Enterprise Scale, working with Executives and smashing the Interview. This course has 8+ hours of hands on training as well as a realistically usable portfolio you can bring to job interviews.

Information Security is an ever growing field and with new jobs opening everyday but not enough professionals to fill them is creating a massive demand. With this course you will be able to fill this gap! As a RedTeam Nation Student you will have the skills required to not only go into Ethical Hacking but into any field of Information Security available!

We teach not only the ethical hacking skills required but also the other 50%! Below are just some of the subjects you will learn.

  • Fully Understanding the attack chain for Next Generation Phishing
  • Learn how to make scalable infrastructure in AWS
  • Utilize Golden Images to allow for even more automation
  • Create Python Automation to sync data from S3 & EC2 Instances
  • Understand the Human Psychology for Phishing
  • Utilize the correct tools to bypass 2FA to access user sessions
  • Beat Email Server Security to land in the inbox
  • Create & Setup Domains & Emails correctly at scale
  • Much More!

    These are only SOME of the topics covered in this course. Of course you will receive 24 hour support via Q/A of the course as well as access to our Private Student Only Facebook Group with access to the instructors.

Don’t wait! Take your career to the next level with Breaching The Perimeter With Enterprise Phishing. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Curious about Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Cyber Security or Red Teaming
  • Anyone who wants to make a career move into Ethical Hacking from another field
  • Anyone who wants to learn how professional hackers work and target real organizations from a real hacker
  • Anyone who wants to learn the full skillset truly required to land the job

What you’ll learn

  • Understand and Implement Real Enterprise Level Phishing Attacks via AWS
  • Learn How To Use AWS To Create a Scaleable Attack Infrastructure
  • Work With Python To Create Automation To Aid In Our Attack
  • Leanr How To Create Phishing Emails
  • Learn To Gain A Foot Hold Into A Network While Working As a Hacker


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