Blockchain and Smart Contract Security, Hacking & Audit
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One of the most important aspect in Blockchain space is security. During the past years  have seen Decentralize application ,  as well as Blockchain protocol that got hacked just because of some vulnerabilities lying in their Systems (Smart Contract).

Repots have  stated the total amount of funds stolen or hacked in Blockchain protocol including DeFi  (Decentralized Finance ) in 2022 is over 2,7Billoions dollars . Since we know the TVL (total value lock) from Blockchains ( Ethereum , Binance , Solana , Polkadot , Cardarno etc..) exceed 50Billions dollars, we understand how important is security of Smart Contact. 

Blockchain security is also important as it helps boost adoption, improve the solutions running on Blockchain  (Applications),  secure investor’s funds. Considering a career in Blockchain especially in security makes you stand out from the crowd.   

In this course we will go through :

  • Network Consensus vulnerabilities and see how they operate.
  • Smart contract vulnerabilities and attacks Theory + Practical
  • Understand smart contract attacks Theory + Practical implementation
  • Identify Smart contract vulnerabilities in a given Smart contract
  • Learn how to Hack smart contracts Theory + Practical implementation
  • Understand the different tool for smart contract audit process
  • Understand the different techniques used to conduct a solid Smart contract Audit
  • Perform a full Smart Contract Audit
  • Write an Audit report


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