Artificial Intelligence Essentials: Smart Assistants
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With their popularity, smart assistants are changing how jobs are being organized, managed, and taken care of in many organizations and homes. Jobs are performed quickly and easily thanks to AI technology. These cloud-based smart assistants are getting better with voice recognition software and algorithms every day, and voice-based online shopping is also in high demand.

In this course, Artificial Intelligence Essentials: Smart Assistants, you will learn all about AI-based smart assistants. First, you’ll discover how AI-based smart assistants work to interact with and perform desired tasks. Next, you’ll explore how they are already taking care of different critical tasks with business case examples. Finally, you’ll get to know the capabilities of AI smart assistants for businesses. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to understand, recommend, choose, and deploy AI smart assistants for the end users in your organization, or for your own personal use.


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