Advanced Intrusion Detection


Building meaningful detections is the first step in identifying malicious intruders on your network and remediating any threats against your environment. The Advanced Intrusion Detection learning path will provide you with the practical, hands-on knowledge you need to fully understand the methodology behind intrusion detection and craft meaningful detection rules and logic.

This learning path begins with an overview of intrusion detection and then dives into the data required to build various detection use cases and various open-source tools and frameworks for building and tuning your detections. Throughout the path, we will review the various aspects and frameworks that comprise intrusion detection techniques (network- and host-based) and explore real world use-cases and examples of detection methodology. At the end of this path, you will have the necessary skills to craft meaningful detections that can aid in identifying malicious activity within your organization’s environment.




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Size: 940 MB

What you’ll learn.

  • Explain the need for intrusion detection as part of any network security plan.
  • Summarize how to detect, identify and alert for possible intrusions and unusual activities.
  • An overview of various open-source tools for detection use cases.
  • Demonstrate how various detection frameworks can be used to identify and prioritize risks.
  • Explain the importance of having the right data to craft meaningful detections.

Who is this for?

  • SOC monitoring analysts
  • Cybersecurity engineers
  • Detection engineers
  • Network engineers
  • Network admins