Advanced CSS + Javascript


A flexible, 4-week online course that teaches you advanced front-end skills. Learn to create fancy animations, use new code libraries and grab data from other websites with APIs and Ajax.

It’s designed for people comfortable with HTML, CSS and beginner level Javascript and want to delve a bit deeper.



Original Price: $299
Our Price: $7


Size:  2.95 GB

What you’ll learn

  • Drawing and animating SVGs to add background effects and shape morphing
  • Using Ajax to get content from sites like Giphy to display on our own website
  • How to work with open-source code libraries and plugins from GitHub
  • The latest and greatest in modern CSS + Javascript to make our code more elegant and future-proofed
  • Getting advanced with scrolling events to create tasteful parallax effects
  • How to identify and investigate performance issues to help your site run smoothly and speedily