Yoga Teacher Training For Trauma, Depression and Anxiety
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Yoga, breathwork and meditation can be wonderful practices for people who are experiencing depression, anxiety and for those who are healing from past trauma.

Yoga can support individuals on a holistic level, this course will teach you how to use yoga, breathwork and meditation to create a felt sense of safety in the body and the mind.

When people are experiencing mental health conditions, their nervous system is often dysregulated and their brain is not able to function optimally, when yoga is done in a slow, mindful and rhythmic way, it can calm and settle the nervous system and allow the brain to operate well.

This course will give you an overview of the nervous system, the brain and brainwaves and the effect that mental health conditions can have on the systems of the body and mind.

You will gain an understanding of mental health from both and Eastern and a Western perspective, we will discuss the ancient yogic view of mental health, known as the Gunas.

You will learn about what your students may be feeling during your yoga classes if they are experiencing depression or anxiety and how you as a yoga teacher can best support them.

You will learn how to run a trauma sensitive or trauma informed yoga class, you will learn how to avoid common trauma triggers when teaching yoga classes.

You are supplied with guided, sample yoga classes that have been specifically designed for people experiencing mental health conditions.

We will go over which breathwork practices are best for people who are experiencing mental health conditions, you are supplied with guided breathwork practices and printable PDF scripts for each practice so that you can guide your students through the practices easily.

When teaching meditation to students who are experiencing mental health conditions, this needs to be approached with some caution, you will learn why, we as teachers, need to approach meditation for people who are experiencing mental health conditions with some caution and what meditations are best to do when experiencing depression, anxiety and when healing from past traumas.

You will also receive a sample class plan and class tips.

This course comes with a 43 page printable workbook with all of the information from the course including print outs to use in your yoga classes.

This course is best suited to those who are already yoga teachers but is also suitable for any person who would like to learn holistic practices, such as mindful movement, breathwork and meditations, that can support individuals who are experiencing mental health conditions.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are already a yoga teacher and you would like to offer classes specifically for depression and anxiety, this course will be very suited to you!
  • If you are already a yoga teacher and you would like to offer trauma sensitive yoga classes, this course will be suitable for you
  • If you are a professional who works with people who have mental health conditions and you would like to know some yoga, breathwork and meditation practices that are suitable for your clients, this course will suit you
  • This course will also suit any person who has an interest in how yoga, breathwork and meditation can assist people experiencing depression, anxiety or those healing from trauma

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to guide yoga classes specifically for people experiencing depression and anxiety
  • Learn how to offer trauma sensitive yoga classes
  • Learn which breathwork and meditation practices are the most suited to people experiencing mental health conditions
  • Learn how mental health condition affect the nervous system and the brain and how yoga can support the body and mind to heal
  • Learn about the ancient yogic view of mental health


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