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Have you ever wanted to create your own Farming RPG?  Games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon have been incredibly successful, and you too can develop your own game with the help of this course. We’ll explain how to develop many of the core systems and game functionality.  We’ll start with a blank project and then develop the game lecture by lecture, covering all the code and Unity configuration you will need.  This course is massive with over 40 hours of lecture videos, 98 lectures, a starter assets pack, and a complete Unity project that you can download to follow along. We even provide another Unity project to demonstrate AStar pathfinding! So while it took the creator of Stardew Valley over 4 years to create his game, you can get a head start by using this course, potentially saving many months or even years of development time !

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Unity Developers who want to extend their skills and knowledge using a full project based course.
  • Existing Unity developers who are fans of Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon and want to build their own Farming RPG.
  • A Unity developer who has previously built some prototypes or games and wants a challenging project course to level up their skills.


  • Intermediate Unity Development Skills – you should have built a few Unity prototypes or games before. Please note that this is not a beginner course.
  • Good knowledge of the Unity editor, and how to use it’s main features.
  • Good knowledge of C# scripting and the fundamentals of object oriented programming.
  • Knowledge and understanding of some of the main Unity API classes and C# system classes.
  • The willingness to look up anything you are not familiar with in the Unity scripting manual or C# resources online.
  • Install the free Unity 3D game engine software and Visual Studio Community Edition.
  • Install the free SourceTree git client to help follow along with the provided completed Unity project and the branches that correspond to completed lectures.

What you’ll learn

  • Unity 2D Game Development For A Farming RPG to create the core systems for a Stardew Valley type game.
  • Intermediate level course will show you how to build a sophisticated game by creating complex Unity components using C# scripting.
  • 43 Hours of in depth tutorials and includes the full completed project with save points after every lecture.
  • Set-up the Player game object in a multi-level hierarchy, and implement movement and animations using events.
  • Use multiple tilemap layers to build game scenes which give a sense of depth.
  • Use Cinemachine to create a camera to follow the player and remain within the scene bounds.
  • Build comprehensive item and inventory systems using scriptable objects and prefabs.
  • Build an inventory bar UI that allows the player to pickup, drop and re-arrange items.
  • Implement a game time system and UI that generates time related events.
  • Create a scene manager that loads and unloads scenes as the player moves between them.
  • Use C# Interfaces to define the properties and methods gameobjects should implement to save their game state as the player moves between scenes.
  • Use hidden tilemaps to store grid properties, such as, where the player can drop items or dig.
  • Implement a variety of tools that the player can use, such as a hoe to dig ground and an axe to chop down trees.
  • Build an object pool to re-use objects.
  • Create a VFX Manager and build particle effects.
  • Implement a configurable and flexible crop system covering the planting, growing and harvesting of crops.
  • Create a Pause Menu that provides a full inventory management screen, save game and quit options.
  • Build sophisticated save and load game functionality that uses C# interfaces and binary serialisation.
  • Implement functionality to fully customise your game characters appearance.
  • Create sophisticated AStar pathfinding for the game NPCs and time based movement schedules.
  • Implement player sounds, ambient sounds, and game music.


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