Uncle Rat’s Bug Bounty Guide


My name is uncle rat and i am here to disrupt the teaching industry. I want to make an end to the bland video courses you normally find by providing you with a guided experience designed to bring you from practice platform to bug bounty target.
Ofcourse i can not promise you a bug, if anyone does you should turn around and never look back. It’s YOU that will have to do the hard work but i can show you how. I can not promise you a bug but i can promise you a solid methodology to build upon and find that unique advantage you have to leverage it. You will not feel like you are being teached, you will feel like you are being coached as it should be.


HOMEPAGE – https://www.anonymz.com/?https://thexssrat.podia.com/uncle-rat-s-ultimate-bug-bounty-guide


Original Price: $125
Our Price: $6.99


Size: 8.12 GB

What will the chapters consist of?
Every chapter will have:
– A recorded video with in depth details about the topics covered
– A PDF that is used for the presentation
– Bonus video’s with tips (Not exclusive to the course, also for free on youtube)
– A quiz to strengthen your knowledge on the topic