Ultra Learning Linux
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In this Tutorial you will learn Linux in a straightforward fashion. 

In fact you won’t just learn Linux you will actually Ultra learn Linux.

That means that by the end of this course, if you follow along the guidelines you will be able to manoeuvre around any Linux environment.

You will Understand basics and more advanced concepts, taking your Linux mastery to the next level.
Ultra Learning is the process where you Learn something faster, and you retain more knowledge on the matter at hand, in our case Linux.
You will go into using Linux straight away, skipping the read through 20 slideshows before I can actually type my first commands approach.

We’ll look over how text editors work, Vim, Users, Group management, Permissions, The Basics of Shell, Scripting, features that are very useful when using Bash, Process Management, openSSH Service, Compressions and Archiving, and so much more. 

And as stated before you won’t be learning this of a “Slideshow”, oh no, in fact at Ultra Learning Linux, we have prepared a whole new different approach, starting with following along with every chapter. 

By focusing more on actually “doing” and not just hearing someone read through a slideshow, you being the one who drills in the actual experiences you’ll find yourself acquiring more knowledge than ever.
We tie everything up with some of the most common questions you get asked when going for an interview.
That being said, I can’t wait for you to learn Linux, I mean Ultra Learn Linux, in a simple, and actual fun non stressful way. 

HOMEPAGE – https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Ultra-Learning-Linux/382484110

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