Tools of the Trading Game: Candlesticks, Charts & Platforms
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Day Traders, Swing Traders, Position Traders, Investors, Stock Market Enthusiasts!

Learn the tools of the trading game! Understand how most market participants use charts and what to look for in certain price movements. Understand about the various styles of charts available to a trader and how to effectively use their tools to your advantage. Clearly understand which generic candlestick formations to avoid and which ones to pay close attention to. You’ll learn to build solid entry and exit rules based on key trading platform options. Learn how to breakdown the position process, from entry to exit. Understand which questions must be answered before putting on any position. In addition, get exposure to over a decade of managing the markets from a psychological vantage point. This and so much more!

Do you want to learn:

– How to properly plot a position and place orders?

– How to effectively use Japanese candlesticks?

– How to clearly understand Level II and what key clue to look for?

– And which indicators that you must use and which ones to avoid?

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning how to us trading technology to their advantage
  • Anyone who wants to understand how to effectively use Level II
  • Anyone wanting to know how best to use the Institutional indicator
  • Anyone who is interested in short-term trading
  • Anyone interested in long-term trading
  • Anyone interested in investing in the stock market
  • Anyone looking to build a career as a trader
  • Anyone who is finally ready to take control of their financial future

What you’ll learn

  • Learn what a Japanese candlestick is and how to effectively use its key data
  • Learn specific key platform features to use when executing a trade
  • Understand how the basics of fundamental analysis play out on a chart
  • Learn the foundation of technical analysis
  • Learn about which key indicators to use and which ones to avoid


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