Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting


A cybersecurity professional needs to understand threats, threat actors, and have a clear understanding of where attackers are trying to take advantage of vulnerabilities. With more than 7 hours of video training, Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting LiveLessons provides learners with a look at where the vulnerabilities in software, cloud, and other attack surfaces exist. Throughout the course, the learner will explore how to classify threats, work with the vulnerabilities, and use common assessment methodologies. The course will also dive into understanding threats against Internet of Things, real-time operating systems, and cloud-based environments.

Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting LiveLessons is taught by expert trainer, author, and cybersecurity expert Aamir Lakhani using hands-on demos, in-depth discussions, and lightboard explanations. The course will cover the best practices for cybersecurity in a way that is easy to access and implement in real world situations.




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Size: 14.8 GB

Topics include:

  • Importance of Threat Data and Intelligence
  • Utilizing Threat Intelligence to Support Organization Security
  • Vulnerability Management Activities
  • Analyzing Output from Common Vulnerability Assessment Tools
  • Threats Associated with the Cloud and Specialized Technology
  • Implementing Controls to Mitigate Attacks and for Software Vulnerabilities
  • Analyzing Logs and Impact Analysis

Learn How To:

  • Apply key threat intelligence and threat hunting concepts
  • Understand and classify hot attacks are taking advantage of vulnerabilities
  • Use common vulnerability assessment methodologies
  • Understand threats against Internet of Things, real-operating systems, and cloud-based environments