The complete Technical Analysis : Candlestick Secret Trading
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Before describing what i am covering in the course, let me show you here what candidates truly think about this course.

There open opinion is posted here below:

[I am thankful for god to given me an opportunity to help and connect to all my brothers and sisters trading out there, this course i had created only for a purpose and that is helping all them, because when i started there was no one for me and i blown up my account several times in beginning even after joining several paid mentorships and there was no help actually. So with that pain and struggle , i promised myself whatever it will take, i will not let any other trader suffer in trading, so this course is the result of that. Join this course and get my lifetime support here, all queries resolution , anything which is stopping you to be a good trader, i will  always be helping.

This course is for any one who are tired with losses in Trading in Stock / Forex Market or Someone who is completely new to trading and don’t even knows the fundamentals of Trading and wanted to be a successful Intraday or Swing or Positional Trader and looking for a program that will teach him/her everything from scratch and build a confidence of trading.

Also if you are a trader and don’t know what are the secrets mechanism used by traders using Candle Stick Technical analysis and want to know how the master traders plans their strategy, then this course could be your favorite course in the journey of your trading.

All patterns and concept which we had taken in the course had been try to deliver directly in the live market so that the candidate will get more comfortable and confident in trading.

The techniques which we are going to discussed on candlesticks are also combined with  Other powerful techniques like Demand-Supply, Support-Resistance , Price-Action Setups to get more results.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone want to learn technical analysis
  • Anyone who want to be a technical analyst
  • Anyone looking to master candlesticks from scratch and in depth
  • Anyone want to start the price action trading, then this part of the course would be the building block
  • Anyone who lost a huge capital in market and want to learn a set of technical setups which really works and provide a consistent profit

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of Stock Market
  • Basics of Price Action
  • Correct Ways Of Drawing Trend Line
  • Understanding Support and Resistance
  • Correct method to draw the support and resistance lines
  • Major and Minor Support Calculation
  • Major and Minor Resistance Calculation
  • How to efficiently use TRADINGVIEW Platform
  • Long Vs Short Trading Styles
  • Investor vs Trader psychology
  • Magical Rules for Breakouts
  • Confirm Entry Rule
  • Bet way to exit the trade after taking profit
  • Marubozu candlestick and it’s types
  • 5% Rule
  • Marubozu for Reversal
  • Marubozu for Continuation
  • Hammer or Pin Bar Candle
  • Hammer or Pin Bar candle Entry and Exit Mechanism
  • Dragonfly Candlesticks
  • Entry and Exit mechanism in Dragonfly
  • Inverted Hammer with Live Trading Demo
  • Hammer Live Trading Demo
  • Dragonfly Live Trading Demo
  • Cup and Handle Introduction along with candlesticks
  • Introduction to Shooting Star Candlestick
  • How to trade shooting stars for more than 5:1 gain
  • Grave Stone Doji and Live Trading
  • Hanging Man Candlestick pattern with Live Demo
  • Doji and it’s types
  • Why Doji Fails?
  • Exact Point to trade the doji
  • When Doji can be more effective?
  • Special Doji : Tri-Star Top (Bearish Tri-Star) and Tri-Star Bottom(Bullish Tri-Star)
  • Double Candlesticks Chart Pattern
  • Triple Candlesticks Chart Pattern


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