The best bro-split gym training
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Good day everybody I’m coach ramzi and in this course description I am going to tell you about the best bro-split training course.

Bro-split means training and focusing on only one muscle group per day, for example on the first day we are going to train chest and focusing only on the chest.

This training style is really famous among bodybuilders and I personally trained like that for many and many years.

There is a good bro-split that focus on building muscle and there is a bad bro-split that will waste your time, it all comes down to the exercise selection sets and reps.

The bro split is one of the oldest and most widely used splits to ever exist. Even today, if you were to walk into a random gym and take a brief survey of what type of plan people were following, a good majority would likely say, “I’m doing a bro split, bro .” And there’s a good reason why.

Bro-split training allows you to get adequate recovery between substantial volume with a muscle group so you can fully recover between training sessions. Sometimes it can take up to a week for DOMS to completely recover, especially from an intense leg day.

Stick to this program for at least 8 weeks and you will see great results.

Wish you all the best have a nice day.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate lifters or gym goers

What you’ll learn

  • Straight forward exercises nothing complicated, simple but very effective
  • Train and focus on every muscle alone
  • Directed to intermediate people
  • Build muscles and shape your body


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