Static converters : Electronics Switches for Beginners
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This course introduces you to the static converters architecture and some basics of electronic switches including diodes, bipolar transistors, and thyristors. We cover here how to describe the static converter structure and principles of electronics switches. That includes sizing these elements and enabling you to decide whether component is required. We introduce you differences types of static converters and the main differences to enable you to choose the best for an application. At first sight this course is presented in a very simple way in order to progress from a beginner level to a more confident level

Electrical equipment, industrial control systems and automated systems used in power electronics are widely used in industry such as machine control, emergency power supplies, circuit boards and so on. Indeed, the electronic components that we have treated in this course are the basic elements. that’s why I strongly advise you to take this elementary course

We are expecting you to join entirely the course and give sufficient time to know each part and training the problem sets. I am convinced that will be an excellent course for you to begin with any more advanced topics in power electronics.

If you have any recommendations or other, do not hesitate to react and good luck.                                             

Who this course is for:

  • Electrician Technician
  • electrical engineer
  • electrical maintenance workers
  • design and calculation offices
  • students and job seekers
  • electrical installer

What you’ll learn

  • Learn different types of static converters
  • Know About different Types of Switches and their Applications
  • Understand the principle of operation and technology of rectifiers and inverters
  • Be able to choose and size an electronic switch used in a static converter


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