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Smartphone usage has created a new means for detection, analysis, diagnosis and monitoring through the use of new apps and attachments. These breakthrough analytical methods offer ways to overcome the drawbacks of more conventional methods, such as the expensive instrumentation that is often needed, complex sample pre-treatment steps, or time-consuming procedures. Smartphone-Based Detection Devices: Emerging Trends in Analytical Techniques gathers these modern developments in smartphone analytical methods into one comprehensive source, covering recent advancements in analytical tools while paying special attention to the most accurate, highly efficient approaches.

Serving as a guide not only to analytical chemists but also to environmentalists, biotechnologists, pharmacists, forensic scientists and toxicologists, Smartphone-Based Detection Devices: Emerging Trends in Analytical Techniques is an important source for researchers who require accurate analysis of their on- and off-site samples. Students in these fields at the graduate and post-graduate level will also benefit from this topical and comprehensive book.

Key Features

  • Provides an integrated approach for advanced analytical methods and techniques using smartphones
  • Covers the usage of smartphones in sample prep, integration and detection stages of analytical chemistry
  • Applicable for researchers of all levels, from graduate students to professionals

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