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Application development is getting more complex, and we developers need to know how to setup and maintain the servers that run our applications. Don’t get stuck at 3am with a broken server, or in the middle of your workday fighting configuration. Learn how to administer your servers!

Run & Manage Web Servers

Learn how to install and configure Nginx, Apache so you can serve your web applications.

Multi-Server Setup

Learn how to connect multiple servers so they can work together for load balancing, caching, redundancy and more.

Latest Technologies

Learn how to install and manage the latest technologies, including setting up queues/workers, monitoring processes so they don’t fail, handling server and applications logging and more!

Setup and Security

Learn how to setup each server with needed software and security configuration to keep your applications and their data safe.

This includes preventing unauthorized access, managing permissions and users, learning how to use the iptables firewall, configuring SSH, enabling SSL certificates and more!

HOMEPAGE – https://leanpub.com/serversforhackers

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