Selfhosted Nextcloud - easy step by step guide
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In this course you will learn how to build your Nextcloud Server, step by step.

Nextcloud is a private cloud Data Storage solution where you can work simultaneously on your documents, share files, read and write emails, just like dropbox or Google Drive and it is the successor of ownCloud.

You can also start video calls and conference meetings and organise your appointment’s with calendar and contacts. You can use Kaban style project management and create surveys and much more.  There are plugins available to customize the cloud to your liking and massively increase its features.

The best part: Its completly free of charge.

This course is for beginners in Linux and is very step by step. For every part there is a video and you can check the cheetsheet for reference as well that you can download.

While we set up your cloud, we will touch a lot of topics and you will learn them by just following along.

Get your feet wet in Cloud computing, with your own Suse Linux Server hosting your Nextcloud provisioned on a backbone on the Internet.

You will learn how to choose a good Virtual Private Cloud Server provider. We will look into some examples of providers like DigitalOcean and some Domain Name providers.

If you need more Storage for your data, we will cover Storage Servers and SSD high perfromance Data Storage in the form of Volumes.

We will learn about Server Infrastructure, Virtualization and how to create a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with an Infrastuctre as a Service provider.

You will also learn how to install the LAMP Stack with an Apache Web Server. We will secure the HTTP Connection with Let’s Encrypt and your own SSL/TLS Certificate. We will install and utilize the Google Brotli compression.

You will learn how to harden your Apache Server so you learn a few basics of Web Security.

Cloud security is important as well so you will get your fair share of knowledge in Server Security and we will also do some Backup and Recovery of your Data.

We will tune the Nextcloud performance and install Plugins and Apps.

Also we will look into installing of the Nextcloud Clients to sync your data everywhere.

Take back control of your data and your privacy. Selfhost your private cloud on a server you control today.

I will guide you step by step to your own server with your own cloud. If you have questions just use the forum section below the videos. I want everyone of my students to succeed in this course.

Let’s learn something new today!


v1.1 – 06/2022

– Simplified Server install / Updated to work with Suse 15.3

– Nextcloud 24+ support

– Cleard up CheetSheet

– Minor fixes

Who this course is for:

  • You want to learn how to setup a server directly on the internet
  • If you want to keep control of your own data
  • You want to set up a private cloud as alternative to Onedrive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc
  • You need a safe place to share your data and calendars with your sports society …

What you’ll learn

  • How to create a webserver with PaaS/IaaS technology, that you control with a hands on step by step guide.
  • How to install your own Netxcloud server
  • Harden your server against attacks
  • To register and link your own Domain to the webserver
  • Secure your server with Let’s Encrypt certificate.
  • Pass the Nextcloud security checks with flying colors.
  • Sync your cloud data to any device, anywhere
  • Install Add-ons inside Nextcloud
  • You are able to deploy a safe and fast private Cloud-solution for your friends and family
  • Backup and restore files from a cloud backup
  • How to tune an apache2 server


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