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This is not a hacking tutorial, neither a programming tutorial. Secure coding practices and defending mechanismes are mentioned without explaining how to achieve them programmatically, because there are hundreds of programming languages out there!

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Welcome to security for web developers course.
Most of available courses across the internet teach students how to build secure web apps, without teaching them how to do it in a secure way. This course offers a comprehensive look into securing web applications process. In this course, you will learn about different injections and other types of attacks, and how to protect your web application against them. Within this course, some common bad practices are mentioned, and what should be done instead. The content of this course is divided based on the purpose of each section. We tried to keep stuff short and simple:

  • No time wasting on writing the code, code is already shown on the screen
  • Yet, the code is explained quickly to understand what’s going on
  • You might(not) have to pause the videos several times to catch up the important notes – It’s up to you

This course is dedicated to help you having secure web applications:

  • It’s not a hacking tutorial. If you are looking to learn hacking, you might want to search for other courses.
  • Attacks are explained as principles without explaining how to exploit them further, as long as the solutions discussed cover them
  • It’s not a programming course. If you want to learn about technologies, you should go for something else

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers who want to build secure web applications
  • Students interested in web security


  • knowledge of web development principles
  • You don’t have to apply the code, as it’s used just to demonstrate some principles. If you want, you can download WAMP server and Nodejs for free from the internet

What you’ll learn

  • Different possible injections, and how to prevent them
  • About other types of attacks, and how to protect against them
  • Some good and bad security practices in various web technologies
  • Other security related notes


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