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We will look at secure communications, everything from voice over IP to SCADA and industrial control systems. And secure network components, as well as, of course, secure network design and architecture. Some of the key points we need to remember is that we are all about network security and that requires the correct use and management of technology. We need to make sure we have the right technologies, and that those technologies are correctly, then, architected, designed, and configured. Then we need to monitor to make sure that our security functions are working correctly. We have to look at current and future business needs, because this is the foundation for how so much of business runs today. We should be familiar with all of these seven layers of the OSI stack, and with knowing those, what is the function of each layer, what are the threats at each layer, and what are the common protocols used at various layers? We looked at providing Internet Protocol Security, or IPSec, at the network layer, and the elements of IPSec being the Authentication Header, Encapsulating Security Payload, and, of course, the difference between these, that Authentication Header authenticates that IP header, ESP authenticates the IP header and encrypts the actual payload as well. This Course is to learn about

  • Secure Networking Models
    • ISO Standard 7498,
    • Different layers of OSI & TCP/IP model,
    • Attack on them and how to protect from them.
  • Secure Network Design
    • Evolution of network
    • Communication protocol
    • Fiber Channel, Ethernet & iSCSI
    • Secure communication, remote access, network access
  • Secure Network Components –
    • Infrastructure
    • Network
    • Physical security
    • End-point security
    • Secure connection
  • Secure Communication –
    • SDN(Software Defined Network)
    • Micro-segmentation
    • CDN(Content Distribution Networks)
    • VX-LAN(Virtual Extensible LAN)
    • Wireless
      • Zigbee
      • LIFI
      • Mobile Security
      • 4G,5G
      • Satellite

Who this course is for:

  • Who all are interested to learn about network security?

What you’ll learn

  • How to secure network and communication over it?

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