SC-300 Course: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
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  • Training from an instructor of over 20 years who has trained thousands of people and also a Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Lecture that explains the concepts in an easy to learn method for someone that is just starting out with this material
  • Instructor led hands on and simulations to practice that can be followed even if you have little to no experience



  • Welcome to the course
  • Understanding the Microsoft Environment
  • A Solid Foundation of Active Directory Domains
  • A Solid Foundation of RAS, DMZ, and Virtualization
  • A Solid Foundation of the Microsoft Cloud Services
  • Creating a free Microsoft 365 Azure AD Account
  • IMPORTANT Using Assignments in the course

How to setup a Practice Lab

  • Introduction to building a practice lab
  • Downloading a Windows 10 ISO
  • Downloading Windows Server 2019 ISO
  • Getting Hyper-V Installed on Windows
  • Creating a Virtual Switch in Hyper-V
  • Installing a Windows 10 Virtual Machine
  • Installing a Windows Server 2019 Virtual Machine
  • Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2019
  • Joining a Windows 10 Computer to a Microsoft Domain

Implementing the initial configuration of Azure Active Directory

  • The First Concepts to know about Microsoft’s Cloud Services
  • Basics of using the Azure AD Portal
  • Azure and Microsoft 365 share the Azure AD Services
  • Understanding Azure AD directory roles
  • Configuring and managing Azure AD directory roles
  • Custom Domains in Microsoft 365 / Azure AD
  • Configuring and Managing Device Registration Options
  • Understanding Administrative Units
  • Configuring Delegation by using Administrative Units
  • Configuring Tenant-Wide Settings

Managing Services using Powershell

  • Foundation of Administration with PowerShell
  • Connecting PowerShell to Manage Cloud Services

Creating, Configuring, and Managing Identities

  • Understanding the Concepts of User Identities
  • Creating, Configuring and giving a license to User Identities
  • Management of User Creation in Bulk
  • Understanding Creation and Management of Groups
  • Groups management using the Microsoft 365 Admin Center
  • Creating, Configuring, and Managing Groups in Azure AD
  • Managing Licenses for User Identities in Azure AD

Implementing and managing external identities

  • Managing external collaboration settings in Azure Active Directory
  • Inviting external users (individually or in bulk)
  • Managing external user accounts in Azure Active Directory

Planning for Hybrid Identity Management

  • Planning for Azure AD/Microsoft 365 Hybrid On-Premises Infrastructure
  • Planning out the Identity and Authentication Solutions

Managing Domains for Hybrid Configuration with On-Premise

  • Configuring On-Premise Active Directory to Support Additional Domain Names
  • Adding and Verifying Additional Domains Names in Microsoft 365/Azure
  • Setting the Primary Domain Name
  • Configuring User Identities for using a New Domain Name

Understanding SSO, PHS, PTA, & ADFS SAML Identity Strategies and Concepts

  • Evaluating Requirements & Solutions for Sync for PHS, PTA, & ADFS SAML Federation
  • Evaluating the Requirements and Solutions for Hybrid Identity Management
  • Evaluating the Requirements and Solutions for Authentication

Implementing and Managing Hybrid Identity

  • Migration of On-Prem Users and Groups
  • Understanding SSO, PHS, PTA and ADFS Federations Concepts
  • Using IDFIX to clean AD before syncing with Azure AD
  • Implementing Directory Synchronization with Directory Services, Federation Services, and Azure AD
  • Identifying Users and Parameters to be Migrated
  • Confirming the Data to be Migrated and Method and the Sync Process
  • Using Azure AD Connect Health and looking for synchronization errors

Planning and Implementing Azure Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

  • Understanding the concepts of Multifactor Authentications (MFA)
  • Administration of Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Configuring Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Looking into Reporting Data for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Managing User Authentication

  • Administering Authentication Methods (FIDO2 / Passwordless)
  • Implementing an Authentication Solution based on Windows Hello for Business
  • Enabling the FIDO2 Based Security Method in Azure AD
  • Password protection within Azure AD, and Smart Lockout On-Premise ADDS
  • Configuring and Deploying Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)
  • Implementing and Managing Tenant Restrictions

Planning, Implementing, and Administering Conditional Access

  • Understanding Security Defaults
  • Using Conditional Access Policies
  • Implementing Conditional Access Policy Controls and Assignments
  • Implementing Application Controls within Conditional Access Policies
  • Implementing Session Management within Conditional Access Policies
  • Testing and Troubleshooting Conditional Access Policies

Managing Azure AD Identity Protection

  • Understanding Azure AD Identity Protection with User & Sign-in Risk Policies
  • Enabling & Monitoring Azure AD Identity Protection User & Sign-in Risk Policies

Understanding Enterprise Apps and App Registration for Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Configuring Custom SaaS Enterprise Apps sith Token Customization
  • Integrating On-Premises Apps by using Azure AD Application Proxy
  • Publishing Enterprise Apps in Azure AD
  • Implementing and Configuring Consent Settings
  • Monitoring and Auditing Access / Sign-Ons to azure AD Integrated Enterprise Apps
  • Discovering Apps by using MCAS or ADFS reporting

Planning and Implementing Entitlement Management

  • Defining Catalogs for Entitlement Management
  • Defining Access Packages
  • Planning, Implementing and Managing Entitlements with Access Packages
  • Exploring the user side of Entitlement within Azure AD
  • Implementing and managing Terms of Use
  • Managing the lifecycle of external users in Azure AD Identity Governance Settings

Planning, Implementing Privileged Access and Access Reviews

  • Understanding Privileged Identity Management (PIM)
  • Implementing & Configuring Privileged Identity Management (PIM)
  • Activating Privileged Identity Management (PIM) roles as a user
  • Analyzing PIM audit history reports
  • Break-glass accounts
  • Implementing and Configuring Access Reviews in Azure AD

Monitoring and maintaining Azure Active Directory

  • Analyzing and investigating sign-in logs to troubleshoot access issues
  • Reviewing and monitoring Azure AD audit logs
  • Understanding the concepts of Azure Sentinel
  • Enabling Azure AD diagnostic logs with Log Analytics / Azure Sentinel
  • Azure AD activity by using Log Analytics / Azure Sentinel, Workbooks, excluding KQL use
  • Exporting sign-in and audit logs to a third-party SIEM
  • Configuring notifications

Who this course is for:

  • IT people interested in learning and passing the Microsoft SC-300 Exam
  • People interested in learning a tremendous amount about Microsoft 365 and Azure Service

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the concepts and perform hands on activities needed to pass the SC-300 exam
  • Gain a tremendous amount of knowledge involving Microsoft 365 and Azure Services
  • Get loads of hands on experience with Microsoft 365 and Azure AD
  • Utilize hands on simulations that can be access anytime, anywhere!


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