SANS FOR585: Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth (PDF-VID-LAB-MP3)


FOR585 is continuously updated to keep up with the latest malware, smartphone operating systems, third-party applications, acquisition shortfalls, extraction techniques (jailbreaks and roots) and encryption. It offers the most unique and current instruction to arm you with mobile device forensic knowledge you can immediately apply to cases you’re working on the day you get back to work.

This in-depth smartphone forensic course provides examiners and investigators with advanced skills to detect, decode, decrypt, and correctly interpret evidence recovered from mobile devices. Mobile devices are often a key factor in criminal cases, intrusions, IP theft, security threats, accident reconstruction, and more. Understanding how to leverage the data from the device in a correct manner can make or break your case and your future as an expert. FOR585: Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth will teach you those skills.




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Who Should Attend FOR585?

FOR585 is designed for students who are both new to and experienced with smartphone and mobile device forensics. The course provides the core knowledge and hands-on skills that a digital forensic investigator needs to process smartphones and other mobile devices. The course is a must for:

  • Experienced digital forensic examiners who want to extend their knowledge and experience to forensic analysis of mobile devices, especially smartphones
  • Media exploitation analysts who need to master Tactical Exploitation or Document and Media Exploitation operations on smartphones and mobile devices by learning how individuals used their smartphones, who they communicated with, and what files they accessed
  • Information security professionals who respond to data breach incidents and intrusions
  • Incident response teams tasked with identifying the role that smartphones played in a breach
  • Law enforcement officers, federal agents, and detectives who want to master smartphone forensics and expand their investigative skills beyond traditional host-based digital forensics
  • Accident reconstruction investigators who need to determine how a phone was accessed or used during specific periods of time
  • IT auditors who want to learn how smartphones can expose sensitive information

What You Will Learn

FOR585: Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth will help you understand:

  • Where key evidence is located on a smartphone
  • How the data got onto the smartphone
  • How to recover deleted mobile device data that forensic tools miss
  • How to decode evidence stored in third-party applications
  • How to detect, decompile, and analyze mobile malware and spyware
  • Advanced acquisition terminology and techniques to gain access to data on smartphones
  • How to handle locked or encrypted devices, applications, and containers
  • How to properly examine databases containing application and mobile artifacts
  • How to create, validate, and verify the tools against real datasets