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1. Photorealism the most important goal for CG artists .

throughout this course we will create a realistic product from the first steps to the last steps.Starting with organise the  project and knowing the first steps to create models then modeling the headphones taking a strong knowledge of modeling in blender,moving to create realistic materials for the headphones knowing how to use the procedural shaders and create simple realistic materials,and in the Realistic scene creation section you will take the fundamentals of creating Realistic scenes, we will setup a realstic scene conditions ,creating a realistic floor aplying some leaves tree to it using the particle systeme,adding a Ralistic lighting using an hdri ,some camera properties to get an extra realism,and finally render our images so By the end of this part you will be able to achieve Photorealism so you’ll get the essential path needed to start making your own realistic renders 

2. the opposite Unreal Scene creation:

in this section you will know how to setup an unreal scene ,create some music notes changing some materials and lighting,swithing to blender compositor and applying  some glow effects,and finally render our image,the finall section is the Post Processing Which you will know how to post process render photos,for the realistic scenes  ,and also the unreal scenes ,By the end of this part you will be able to achieve unreal images so you’ll get the essential skills needed to start making your own non realistic images

       What Will I be able to do after complete this course ? :

  • you will Take the  strong Metodology to start creating your own models you will learn about reference images,analyze the models and the prepation for modeling.
  • you will be able to modeling anything in blender after taked a strong knowledge of modeling include  many techniques and tricks to enhance your modeling skills.
  • you will be able to create realistic textures and materials with the easiest way possible
  • you will  be able  to set up a realistic scene with the easiest way possible understanding what’s behind realistic renders
  • you will be able  to set up an unreal scene with an artistic way knowing what’s behind non realistic renders
  • you will be able to post process render photos for the realistic scenes and also the unreal scenes including the way to bring out ultra realism,and also the best way to produce an unreal image with an artistic vision.
  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn about creating realistic images in Blender. 
  • And also for anyone who wants to learn about creating Unreal images in Blender. 

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • Anyone interested in photorealism and unreal images
  • Anyone who want to learn blender


  • Blender fundamentals
  • Blender 2.7+
  • Gimp 2.8 or 2.10 or any image editor you want( photoshop etc …)

What you’ll learn

  • Take a strong Metodology to start creating your own models
  • Take a strong knowledge of modeling in blender
  • How to create Realistic textures and materials
  • How to create realistic scenes
  • How to create unreal scenes
  • How to post process render photos
  • in general the course give you the fundamentals and the process of creating photorealism and also the unreal images
  • Understand the blender compositor

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