Python GUI and Games with tkinter : Build 5 Games today
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Welcome to the “Python GUI and Games with Tkinter”  course, a Tkinter is the standard Python interface for developing GUI. Python with Tkinter is the fastest and easiest way to create GUI applications.  This course is created in a way that even a newbie can follow. Whether you have some experience in creating GUI using PyQt or any other framework or you are completely new this course is just right for you.

In this course first, you will learn Tkinter widgets that are used to make your GUI application. You will learn how to use widgets, how to customize them, how to change their properties, and a lot more. Then we are going to use all these widgets to make our GUI Games.

I will start by helping you get installed needed things on your system, which includes Python, pip, and, PyCharm IDE, after that we will install the required packages as and when needed.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python Developers who want to build Awesome GUI Games using tkinter
  • All level Python GUI Developer

What you’ll learn

  • Learn GUI from basics
  • Be familiar with tkinter widgets
  • Learn how to draw different shapes in canvas
  • Keyboard and Mouse Events
  • Create 2D animation
  • Add tabs and Menu in your application
  • How to make Games
  • 5+ GUI Games


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