ZDResearch – Advanced SQL Injection


ZDResearch Advanced SQL Injection is part of the ZDResearch Advanced Web Hacking curriculum. The curriculum consists of 10 modules, the first of which is Advanced SQL Injection.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of SQL injection and help you fully comprehend the technique through hours of hands-on labs and real world demos, making you comfortable in pursuing the field on your own. It also enables you to go through the materials provided by the rest of Advanced Web Hacking curriculum.

Advanced SQL Injection covers many aspects of SQL injection, from the benefits of finding them manually versus using automated tools to find and exploit them, to double-blind, error-based and second-order injection attacks. After passing this course, you should be a master in the topic of SQL injections, easily able to find vulnerable applications, exploit them and patch them.

The course is taught by some of the world’s best hackers, with real, hands-on hacking experience and not just security training. Our instructors have worked in many of the world’s top hacking teams, have received hacking bounties from many well-known companies such as Google and Facebook, and have worked as cyber security consultants in companies such as Google, Facebook and Intel.


HOMEPAGE – https://exdemy.com/advanced-sql-injection/


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  • Web Programming
  • SQL

Target Audience

  • Web Developers
  • Security Engineers
  • Web Application Penetration Testers
  • Hackers