Sektor7 – RED TEAM Operator: Privilege Escalation in Windows Course & RED TEAM Operator: Windows Persistence Course


You’re interested in Windows security, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You are either led by natural curiosity of security researcher or doing penetration testing professionally, or both. And maybe you need to get better understanding of how privilege escalation works in Microsoft environments.

So here’s what’s in the course.
It is indeed about escalating privileges in Windows. But it’s not only about getting SYSTEM, as there are other shades of that tactic. From the course you’ll learn about becoming another user, breaking out from Medium to High Integrity Level, or from High to System, and abusing privileges assigned to your access token to get more powers on the box.

Real threat actors utilize various Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (aka TTPs). One of the tactic is Persistence – a way to survive a breached machine restart and preserve access to a target environment. There is a lot of focus on what methods adversaries use to exploit a particular vulnerability or how their C2 channels and infrastructure look like. Less often you find discussions about persistence. This course is aiming to change that.

You will learn almost 30 different persistence techniques working on Windows 10. Most of them were used by nation-state threat actors, like EquationGroup, Turla, APT29, ProjectSauron or malware, including Flame or Stuxnet.




Original Price: $458
Our Price: $15


Size: 9.67 GB

You Will Learn

  • 20 different techniques of Windows Privilege Escalation, like:
    • DLL Hijacking
    • Bypassing UAC
    • Misusing Windows Vault
    • Exploiting leaked handles
    • Hacking named pipes
    • Abusing access tokens
    • DLL Proxying
    • COM hijacking
    • Multiaction Tasks
    • Port Monitors
    • Time Providers
    • WMI Eventing
    • LSA-as-a-Persistence
    • and much more…
  • Knowledge about Windows persistence used by real threat actors, including nation-state adversaries

Target Audience

  • Ethical Hackers
  • Penetration Testers
  • Blue Teamers
  • Threat Hunters
  • All security engineers/professionals wanting to learn advanced offensive tactics