SANS SEC540: Cloud Security and DevSecOps Automation v2020 (PDF-VID-LAB)


SEC540 provides security professionals with a methodology to secure modern Cloud and DevOps environments. Students learn how to implement more than 20 DevSecOps security controls to build, test, deploy, and monitor cloud infrastructure and services. Immersive hand-on labs ensure that students not only understand theory, but how to configure and implement each security control. By embracing the DevOps culture, students will walk away from SEC540 battle-tested and ready to build to their organization’s Cloud and DevSecOps Security Program.




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Who Should Attend SEC540?

  • Anyone working in or transitioning to a public cloud environment
  • Anyone working in or transitioning to a DevOps environment
  • Anyone who wants to understand where to add security checks, testing, and other controls to cloud and DevOps Continuous Delivery pipelines
  • Anyone interested in learning how to migrate DevOps workloads to the cloud, specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure
  • Anyone interested in leveraging cloud application security services provided by AWS
  • Developers
  • Software architects
  • Operations engineers
  • System administrators
  • Security analysts
  • Security engineers
  • Auditors
  • Risk managers
  • Security consultants


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