Reverse Engineering with Radare2


In this course we will learn about the Radare2 reverse engineering framework. It is an open source free alternative to IDA Pro. I started to work with it because I think nobody will buy IDA Pro unless it is paid by your employer. Radare2 is a perfect free alternative, its only disadvantage is that it could be hard to start using it. This is where this course comes in. My goal was to get you over the hard part as fast as possible. So that you can get comfortable with Radare2.




Original Price: $59
Our Price: $3


Size: 1.18 GB

These are the things you will learn in this course:

  • Setting up Radare
  • Understanding its syntax
  • Understanding its config
  • Information gathering about the binary
  • Navigation in the binary
  • Cross references
  • Run-time debugging
  • Patching the binary