Python 101 for Hackers


The Python 101 for Hackers course teaches an introduction to Python programming and concepts, with a focus on techniques, modules and examples which are useful for a hacker. No prior Python programming knowledge is required to be successful in this introductory course. 




Original Price: $29.99
Our Price: $4.99


Size: 1.97 GB

What will I learn?

The following concepts will be taught in this course:

  • The difference between Python2 and Python3, and how to leverage both as hacking and automation tools
  • How to install, setup and configure a Python environment in Kali Linux with Virtual Box
  • Fundamental programming concepts: variables, data types, string formatting, booleans, operators, tuples, lists, dictionaries, sets conditionals, functions and loops
  • Python programming concepts useful for solving hacking and automation tasks: reading files, writing files, handling user input, exception and error handling, comprehensions and lambdas
  • How to leverage and extend Python using common and hacking focused modules
  • Practical examples demonstrating how to perform SSH login brute forcing, SHA256 password cracking, web login form brute forcing and SQL injection exploitation using Python
  • Understanding the importance of documenting and commenting your work and recommendations to continue mastering Python and programming moving forward


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