LPIC-2: Linux Engineer Exam 201


Hello, and welcome to the LPIC-2 Linux Engineer Exam 201! This course has been designed to cover all the objectives for the LPIC-2 201 exam. It begins with capacity planning, which includes utilities and concepts for measuring resource usage and predicting future resource needs.

Then, we move on to the Linux kernel and system startup. These sections cover the boot process from BIOS, to the kernel, all the way to initializing system services.

Next, we have a section on filesystems and devices, which focuses on creating and managing filesystems. This leads us to advanced storage and device administration, which includes RAID, iSCSI, and logical volume management.

The last two sections are network configuration and system maintenance. Network configuration begins by covering utilities for the basic management of wired and wireless interfaces and then moves on to more advanced concepts and techniques. In the section on system maintenance, we will learn how to make and install programs from source, back up important data, and notify users of system-related issues.


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