Learn Computer Forensics


This learning path is designed to build a foundation of knowledge and skills around computer forensics. As you progress through 13 courses, you’ll learn about conducting forensics on a variety of platforms and devices, including networks, file and operating systems, memory, email and browsers. Upon completion, you’ll have a base of computer forensics knowledge to carry over to your job or next project — and the skills necessary to conduct an investigation into potential computer crimes.


HOMEPAGE – https://www.infosecinstitute.com/skills/learning-paths/computer-forensics/


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Size: 10.2 GB

What you’ll learn.

  • Conducting forensics investigations
  • Using popular forensics tools and techniques
  • Gaining access to devices
  • Discovering hidden data
  • Legal issues around forensics
  • And more!

Who is this for?

Basic computer skills, including the ability or desire to work outside the Windows GUI interface, are recommended. This skill path is designed for:

  • IT and security professionals tasked with corporate forensics and incident handling
  • Law enforcement professionals dealing with computer crimes
  • Legal professionals
  • Anyone with a desire to build their computer forensics skills!


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