eLearnSecurity – Incident Handling & Response Professional


Course at a glance

  • Start from the very basics, all the way to advanced incident response activities
  • Professionally analyze, handle, and respond to security incidents on heterogeneous networks and assets
  • Understand the mechanics of modern cyber-attacks and how to detect them
  • Effectively use and fine-tune open source IDS (Bro, Snort, Suricata)
  • Make the best of open source SIEM solutions (ELK stack, Splunk, etc.)
  • Effectively utilize regexes and log management solutions to detect intrusions
  • Detect and even (proactively) hunt for intrusions by analyzing traffic, flows and endpoints, as well as utilizing analytics and tactical threat intelligence
  • Gives you access to dedicated forums
  • Makes you a proficient professional incident responder


HOMEPAGE – https://www.elearnsecurity.it/course/incident_handling_response_professional/


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Our Price: $6.99


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Size: 326 MB


  • Networking
  • Protocols
  • Operating systems
  • Security devices

This training course is for…

  • SOC Analysts
  • CSIRT Members
  • Incident Handlers
  • Incident Responders
  • Red Team members who want to understand blue team tactics and deliver stealthier penetration tests
  • IT Security Personnel in charge of defending their organization’s assets


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