100 Days Of Web in Python Course


100DaysOfWeb in Python is a course that will ensure your success with the 100 days of code challenge, all while teaching you Python web development. With every 4 days dedicated to a different concept, you’ll be amazed at how many Python Web technologies and libraries you’ll learn on this journey. Join the course and start your 100 day challenge now.


HOMEPAGE – https://www.anonymz.com/…explore_100days_web/100-days-of-web-in-python


Original Price: $69
Our Price: $6.99



Size: 10.4 GB

Just a small sampling of the projects you’ll work on include:

  • Create your very own Static Site
  • Use API Star and pytest to make and test an API
  • An introduction to the Flask framework
  • Learn Javascript by making a calculator and calorie counter
  • SQLAlchemy Database creation
  • Use Docker to containerize your applications
  • Build a Bill Tracking web tool with Pyramid
  • Use React to build Javascript user interfaces
  • Selenium testing of numerous web functions
  • Django app creation with registration and login functionality
  • Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup4 and newspaper3k
  • And 17 more projects!



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