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    Penetration Testing: Exploitation and Post-Exploitation Tactics

    Exploitation and post-exploitation are an important part of the penetration testing lifecycle and will ultimately define the overall success of a penetration test. This Bootcamp is designed for beginners and intermediates that have some experience in pentesting and are looking to improve their exploitation and post-exploitation skills. This Bootcamp will start off by exploring various initial access tactics and techniques …

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    Malware: Prevention, Detection, and Response

    In this container of content, you will learn how to analyze several specific types of malware for the purpose of identifying indicators used for host and network detection. To start, you will learn how to set up a malware analysis sandbox. Next, you’ll learn about the malware type itself: what it is used for, why attackers employ it, who it …

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    The Pearson Complete Course for CISM Certification

    The Pearson Complete Course for CISM Certification will enable you to learn the skills to design, deploy and manage security policies. The course starts with a basic introduction of the exam modules and topic domains before diving deeper into the main modules which incorporate real-world scenarios and practical applications. Each lesson concludes with a review and a quiz, giving you the …

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    Memcache Reconnaissance for Red-Blue Teams

    Reconnaissance the first and probably most important step of pentesting and red-blue teaming exercises. A well done recon can help prioritize which systems to go behind first and to dedicate more time and resources. In recent times, there has been a lot of technological progress in fields in web development, cloud tech, machine learning etc. which has led to a …

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    Embedded/IoT Linux for Red-Blue Teams

    This course is a deep dive into Embedded/IoT firmware where we will start from the very basics – understand the multistage boot process, the kernel and root filesystem, how to build them with a custom toolchain and how they can be compromized with user and kernel mode backdoors/rootkits. We will be using the latest 4.15.x kernel for this course on …

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    Bitcoin Vulnerabilities

    Ivan will show you how, despite having vulnerabilities, the Bitcoin Network stays secure. You’ll gain deep knowledge of the type of attacks the network might face, and how they might be executed. Many Blockchain networks share similar characteristics. After this course, you’ll have a thorough understanding of Blockchain security in general.




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    Complete Cybersecurity Bootcamp

    The Cybersecurity Bootcamp that will take you from ZERO to HIRED as a Cyber Security Engineer. You’ll learn the latest best practices, techniques, and tools used for network security so that you can build a fortress for digital assets and prevent black hat hackers from penetrating your systems.




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    Blue Team Level 1 – SecurityBlue

    BTL1 is designed to train technical defenders that are capable of defending networks and responding to cyber incidents. Below are some examples of the skills and experience you will gain.

    Analysing and responding to phishing attacks
    Performing forensics investigations to collect and analyse digital evidence
    Using a SIEM platform to investigate malicious activity
    Log and network traffic analysis including malware infections
    Conducting threat actor research
    and …

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    Systems Security Certified Practitioner (2022)

    SSCP (Systems Security Certified Practitioner) Complete Video Course is a unique video product that teaches you the fundamentals of system security.




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