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    Linx YouTube Ads Course

    How You Can Leverage The Stunning Power Of Youtube Ads To Increase Traffic, Generate Higher Quality Leads & Convert Them Into Life-Long Customers.

    Discover how our students were able to start advertising on Youtube profitably, and scale and grow their businesses
    – Better Results Than Facebook Ads
    – No Media Buying Experience Required
    – Start With A Small …

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    The SEO Pro Bundle

    Gain access to a collection of SEO courses to guide you from the ground up!

    SEO PRO BUNDLE 2.0 is a collection of all my previous and current courses and classes. Please be advised that the template used in the videos may not be the same as the latest SEO Audit Template.




    Original Price: $497
    Our Price: $3.99
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    Facebook Income School

    You might think that Facebook is just a website to see what your friends are up to and laugh at funny memes. But what most people don’t know is that Facebook has become one of the biggest opportunities to make money online for AVERAGE everyday people. That’s right, the social giant is taking the competition directly to YouTube and has …

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    Zero to $6k

    Freelance Copywriter, Would you believe me if I told you I was psychic? Bold claim, I know… but I’m a bold man.  So let me prove it by reading your mind right now.  Are you ready? Here we go… You’ve read dozens of copywriting blogs and books.  You’ve looked at a few copywriting courses.  Hell, you may have even landed a few clients. 

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    YouTube Masterclass

    YouTube Masterclass is an online course that I created. It took me many years of hard work and failure
    to be successful on YouTube.

    All this time, I couldn’t find a reliable YouTube course. I was frustrated.
    And I know you are, too.

    I then decided that I will do what I can to help people.

    And this is what prompted me to create a …

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    Freelance Copywriting Course

    I’ve gone from a complete newbie at copywriting to one of the most respected copywriters and trainers in just 7 years… and this is how I did it.  The Freelancer Course is my exact strategies to getting High-End clients to actively reach out to YOU through social media and simple websites… rather than you chasing them or applying to jobs.

    It’s also …

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    The Facebook Ads Mastery

    Facebook Mastery is a world-class, easy to follow Facebook training program from a top-level advertiser. You will learn everything about running successful FB marketing campaigns from A-Z to help you not only get your first few sales, but create consistent sales that you can scale up to create financial freedom for yourself.

    Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, Facebook …

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    Marketing Mastery

    Course Curriculum

    Business Model Phase – 2
    •  Preparation for Mission & Message Statement
    •  Mission & Message Statement (38:21)
    Content Marketing
    •  Preparation for Content Marketing
    •  Content Marketing Video 1 …