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    Art of Composite: Photoshop Video Training Bundle

    you’ll learn how to prepare and plan for your Photo Manipulation / Compositing projects, as well as essential fundamentals for understanding ColourLight, and Composition.

    The Foundational Tools Module will teach you the ESSENTIAL tools for creating Photo Manipulation / Composite artwork.

    Lessons cover Compositing Tools (Pen Tools, Selections, Layers, Layer Masks, Clipping Masks), and Processing Tools (Adjusment Layers, Layer Blend Modes, Curves Adjustments, Brushes, and Smart Objects).

    The Compositing …

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    FSTORM RENDER is the most powerful Pure GPU render engine for ArchViz, also capable for massive environment, set extension & some VFX projects.

    The objective of the course is to allow the artist to master the Fstorm Render engine to solve a great amount of situations such as archviz, environment, concept & product VIZ, besides the engine and 3dsmax in the course …

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    Motion Design School – Motion Pro

    This course will bring you to the next motion design level. We’ll cover almost all types of animation from 2D, combining it with AE expressions, to 3D, using Xpresso in Cinema 4D. All the animations will be united into complete video scenes. Moreover, we’ll share with you project files, in which we’ve used frame-by-frame animation along with modern 2D and …

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    Learn a variety of efficient industry-proven techniques for creating a range of 3D environment styles in this 3-hour workshop by James A.J. Miller, Environment Artist at DreamWorks Animation.

    The workshop begins with a demonstration of a large 3D city environment in a desert setting. This type of scene offers a great opportunity for James to cover the importance of Triplanar materials, …

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    Advanced Environment and Keyframe Design_Blender+Photoshop

    In this tutorial, I will teach you the techniques I use for creating environments, keyframes, and illustrations for the entertainment industry – Movies and Games. We will start with basic but very important concepts for Value, Color, Light, and composition that are often overlooked even by professionals. We will continue with my sketching process – value and color. After that, …

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    VFX Grace – Volcanic Eruption

    This tutorial mainly focuses on Pyro simulation, and involves various pyro simulations like the volcanic plume, the volcanic bombs, sparse smoke in the air, shockwave smoke, smoke and fire spreading on the terrain, and smoke from rolling rocks, to give you an in-depth understanding of Pyro. Due to the step-by-step nature of Pyro simulations, it’s also suitable for beginners. Besides, …

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    Advanced Exterior Visualizations

    There is a moment in the artists’ career when they feel that they are good at the craft but they still would like to achieve more… to create better, more engaging, hyper-realistic visualizations that will be admired by others in the field.

    This feeling is a sign of the willingness to constantly learning and persistent improvement. The inner desire to grow …

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    Switching to Blender for Experienced Artists

    In Switching to Blender for Experienced Artists, you’ll be able to take the leap and finally switch to Blender! We’re getting straight to the point, teaching you exactly what you need to make the switch to Blender. We cover everything from learning the UI and navigation to using the modeling tools, shading and texturing, sculpting, retopology and rendering with cycles …

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    Motion Design School – 3D Generalist

    Want to create 3D character animations from scratch, but not sure where to start? This course will guide you through the entire classical 3d pipeline from start to finish.

    We will start by modeling a character using traditional modeling techniques and retopology. You will learn how to rig a character from a single joint to custom complex Xpresso systems. As you …