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    Digital Landscapes Photoshop Video Training

    Redoaune Naouri presents: Digital Landscapes – an A-to-Z guide where you will learn how to create epic fantasy environments in Photoshop…

    In this course you’ll discover the advanced compositing / processing techniques for creating sweeping landscapes, depth of field, atmospheric effects, and beautiful colours.

    With stunning environments, you’re GUARANTEED to take your Photoshop composites to the next level!!




    Original Price: …

  • Shop , Animation & VFX – Motion Design in After Effects

    After Effects is an amazing instrument to create beautiful animations, and we believe that it is a powerful tool for designers. In this section we will show you how to animate characters without external plugins.

    This is the exercise folder that you will need to follow along with this section. Also you will find the final project in AE, and we are including …

  • Shop , Animation & VFX – Animating in Principle

    Principle is a fantastic prototyping tool and really handy especially for those moments when you want to create a high fidelity animation in a short time. In this course, we will talk about Drivers, Components, Events, Scrolls and Animate. For the final project we will use our brand new design of our iOS app. On this first video, we’ll work …

  • Shop , Animation & VFX – SVG Animations with GreenSock

    Today I want to teach you how to animate SVG’s with the JavaScript animation library GreenSock(GSAP). We will start off by looking at SVG code and breaking it down a little so we can better understand how to manipulate it for animation. Then I’ll talk about how to find SVG inspiration, how to export and optimize your SVG’s. Next I’ll …

  • Shop , Animation & VFX – Video Editing in ScreenFlow

    Every video project follows three fundamental steps: pre-production, production, and post-production, on this section we will talk about pre-production. Pre-production starts with a concept, which will help us to assemble our primary goal, target our audience, and identify what our audience will get from it.

    To execute a successful video, you need to build a detailed plan. You need to shape …

  • Shop , Animation & VFX – VFX GRACE – Realistic Dynamic Clouds

    Do you want to make realistic clouds with Houdini? Do you know how to analyze the clouds in nature? Are you still struggling with simulating the clouds in nature? Here it is. A rare tutorial in today’s market on simulating realistic dynamic clouds. With a total of 19 lessons and about 10 hours in duration, this tutorial covers the basic …

  • Shop , Animation & VFX – Create a Promo Video in After Effects

    In this course we will show you how to create a promo video using After Effects.

    What you’ll build: 

    Create a beautiful promo video for your app and share it to the world.

    We all try to be consistent with our way of teaching step-by-step, providing source files and prioritizing design in our courses.




    Price: $2.99
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    School of Motion – Expression Session

    Expression Session will teach you how to approach, write and implement expressions in After Effects. Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll go from rookie to seasoned coder.

    Expressions are a Motion Designer’s secret weapon. They can automate repetitive tasks, build flexible rigs for animators, and allow you to do some amazing things that are impossible with keyframes. This class will …

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    School of Motion – Illustration for Motion

    In Illustration for Motion you’ll learn the foundations of modern illustration from Sarah Beth Morgan. By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped to create incredible illustrated works of art that you can use in your animation projects right away.

    To create great work, you need more than just good animation…. You need design. Today’s motion design aesthetic is filled …