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    Full CGI Urban Environment – Ordinary Night

    Ever wanted to build an impressive full-CGI urban environment shot from scratch, all by yourself?

    In this course, you will learn all the necessary steps to successfully execute this kind of task and on top of that some cool tips and tricks to speed up your workflow and bring life to your shot using industry-standard software and ACES colorspace!


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    Blender Workout – Motion Design School

    Blender becoming one of the most popular software because it includes
    all features to make your user experience more powerful and intuitive.
    It’s rendering, modeling, sculpting, animation, rigging, VFX, simulation, video editing, and even frame by frame with Grease pencil. Everything
    is included in one place and you don’t need to switch between software
    every time. And Blender software is completely free! Can you …

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    Intro to High-Quality VFX with Houdini

    If you’re struggling to learn Houdini FX,
    this class will get you on the right path.

    Want to create the same level of
    eye-catching VFX often seen in movies,
    TV shows, commercials, and videogames?

    From an intro to the standard Houdini interface
    to nodes, HScripts, modeling, and simulations,
    this in-depth class covers the entire work process.




    Original Price: $192
    Our Price: $7
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    Motion Design with Figma: Animations, Motion Graphics, UX/UI

    Learn motion design using Figma from a design industry pro. You’ll learn way more than just motion design principles and theory. This projects-based course will teach you how to use motion to take your designs (and portfolio) to the next level.




    Our Price: $3
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    Motion Practice with Ben Marriott

    A practical structured course on combining frame-by-frame animation and After Effects. You will learn how to create frame-by-frame animation, add it to your motion design projects and create scenes full of captivating motion and characters.

    Do you want to find your own style and create truly unique works? The best way to achieve this is by combining various techniques and …

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    Game Animation Masterclass From 0 to 100

    This tutorial will use multiple cases to mainly explains the ways of animation production, including basic process and logic of animation production, and types of animation such as poses, walking, standby, fight and character interaction. This is a systematic tutorial, which can be divided into junior, intermediate and advanced level, and contains cases of male, female, tetrapods and dragon.


    HOMEPAGE – …

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    Hollywood VFX with Maya and Nuke

    This class will teach you

    what you need to know to create artwork
    using the 3D Tool Maya
    From HDRI to LookDev, lighting, final rendering,
    image manipulation, and even the theories behind it.




    Original Price: $210
    Our Price: $10
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    Learn how to confidently master the free 3D animation software, Blender, with teacher Ducky 3D.

    The demand for 3D animation is growing faster than ever. But it’s overwhleming knowing how to get started. We’ve teamed up with Ducky3D – a master of the FREE 3D animation software Blender – to help you overcome these challenges.




    Original Price: $99
    Our Price: $5
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    Master Motion Design

    This in-depth advanced animation course focuses on key animation techniques & practical After Effects skills to elevate your motion design to the next level.
    From professional workflows to mid-project problem-solving, I’ve poured all my knowledge & experience into this course.
    You’ll learn:
    • What to focus on to truly elevate your work
    • Why those …