Preparing to Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) Exam
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Welcome to Preparing to Certified OpenStack Administrator Exam Course!

The Course provides great introduction to OpenStack and covers all topics listed in current COA Exam (Stein Version) Requirements. However, the Course is based on previous COA Exam Version (2018).

For best experience set-up learning OpenStack Environment, as instructed in Section 12, which includes a guide to set up OpenStack Pike Release Lab.

By end of this Course you will proficiently execute routine OpenStack Administration tasks, like creating Project Networks & Routers, Launching Virtual Server Instances, managing Block and Object Storage in OpenStack Cloud.

In this Course you get not only a detailed and deep understanding of OpenStack, but most important you get a Training Lab to develop practical skills. This Lab is delivered as a Virtual Appliance to install on a laptop or a desktop. It is based on Community Version of OpenStack, so no Vendor bias in the Course.

You will be able to exercise OpenStack tasks day and night, using the Horizon Graphical User Interface as well as Command Line, to get the highest proficiency.

The Course comes with 18 Lab Sessions with  more than 120 Objectives to complete. These are practical Exercises, like Create a Volume and Attach it to Virtual Server Instance, then Snapshot the Volume, or Launch the Orchestration Stack with multiple Virtual Resources.

If you are a System Administrator and you want to gain highly paid Cloud Proficiency, this is the Course for you.

Free Preview available for Lecture 17 in Section 5 and for Lecture 37 in Section 9. Enjoy!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone considering professional career in OpenStack and Cloud Technologies

What you’ll learn

  • Understand OpenStack architecture and basic components, gain proficiency in OpenStack Administration.


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