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Welcome to – Ultimate Cybersecurity Professional Guide Course

This course is developed to share real-world cybersecurity challenges and their solutions with a comprehensive approach from no-prior knowledge to advance level. With this course, you’ll not just get the information about fundamentals, technologies, tools, process but also get to know real-world use cases.

There is never been a better than today to kickstart your career in Cybersecurity. In order to developed an outcome-driven course module, we have used two approach: Bottom-up Approach and Project-based Approach.

The course covers 5 main areas:


This fundamental section explain you with Ethical hacking concepts, networking, Linux and Lab Setup.

  • INTRODUCTION TO ETHICAL HACKING: In this section, you’ll learn about what is ethical hacking, why to learn ethical hacking, what its like to be hacked and some core concepts.
  • INTRODUCTION TO HACKING LAB: In this section, you’ll learn to build your hacking lab with VMware, Virtualbox, Kali Linux.
  • LINUX BASICS: In this, you’ll learn fundamentals of Linux and important commands.


This section explains you with Information gathering stage for Hacking Windows 10 system.

  • You’ll learn about Windows 10 and Malwares.
  • You’ll understand threats in Windows 10.
  • You’ll learn the concepts of Backdoor.
  • You’ll study stages in Ethical Hacking.


This section is about gaining access to Windows 10 thorough payload development and penetration testing tools.

  • You’ll learn about Metasploit framework in detail, creating database in MSF.
  • You’ll learn the difference between Bind Shell and Reverse Shell.
  • You’ll learn to build payload using MSFVENOM.
  • You’ll learn about Veil Evasion to bypass Antiviruses.


This section will take you through post-exploitation activities.

  • You’ll learn to Interact with Target Windows 10.
  • You’ll lean how to clear tracks after the successful compromise.


This section explains about some popular myths and facts about Ethical Hacking.

  • Myth:1 Bad Hackers are Most-Skilled and Smart!
  • Myth:2 Hackers are illegal person
  • Myth:3 All the attacks are launched from China and Russia!
  • Fact 1: You dont need degree to become an Ethical Hacker!
  • Fact 2: You dont need spend huge on certifications!
  • Fact 3: There is no perfect age to start your career in Ethical Hacking!


This section is about Web application introduction and application security testing practises.

  • How Secure are Web Application Applications?
  • You’ll learn about HTTP and HTTPS.
  • OWASP Testing Practices

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to become a professional in Cybersecurity space
  • Anyone who want to learn practical cybersecurity process and tools

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Learn Security Architecture
  • Understand Security Governance
  • Learn IT Risk Frameoworks
  • Learn SQL Injections attacks
  • Learn about DDoS attack and how it works
  • Learn about Vulnerabilities
  • Learn about CIA Triad
  • Learn about NIST CSF frameowork
  • Learn Networking Fundamentals
  • Learn how HTTP and HTTPS works
  • Learn Application Security Testing
  • Learn about OWASP Security testing
  • Learn about Risk Assessment
  • Learn about Metasploit Frameowork
  • Learn about Cybersecurity career
  • Identity and Access management
  • Active directory Management
  • Single Sign-on
  • Microsoft Azure SSO
  • Learn about Cyber Kill-chain


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