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This course includes –

Coulombs law

1. Charge and electrostatic force

2. Coulomb’s law

3. Coulomb’s law and Newton’s force

4. Coulomb’s law and charge distribution

Electric fields

5. Electric field

6. Dipoles and dipole moment

7. Electric field due to ring

8. Electric field charged disc

9. Potential energy of an electric dipole.

Gauss Law

10. Electric flux

11. Measuring electric flux

12. Gauss law

13. Application of Gauss Law

14. Charge inside a cavity

How I make my courses:

When I create content for lessons,I think deeply around the areas where students struggle and feel confused. My lessons tackle these parts in depth. Also, I believe visual representation of various ideas in physics makes a lot of impact. The lessons have visuals and animations that are thought through for faster learning and absorption of the subject

And most importantly, I make myself available to answer questions of students enrolled in my course

My students (some are wonderful teachers too) wrote this to me

Bobbie Smith:                           Amazing explanations, I really learned a lot. Thank you.

Satyam Jha:                              amazing!! i could not understand vector physics in my class but here it is very easy to understand Thanks!!

Csaba (teacher):                       I learned new ideas. I’m looking to try them in my professional practice as a physics teacher. Thanks! 🙂

Fernando  P. Radaza:              It help me a lot to understand better about physics of Work, Power & Energy.

Chamara Dilshan:                    it’s good, explaining every small thing,it’s good to start physics beginners

Onofrio :                                    The lessons given by the teacher are very interesting! Excellent course!

Simaran:                                    Very deep understanding of the subject

Shiva:                                          Very knowledgeable and sounds very nice and helpful

Gallina:                                       Excellent the lessons held by the teacher with exhaustive explanations and well illustrated. Well done course!

Smith:                                         Great course.The presentation is very clear. Thank you.

Pawan Kumar:                           The way to teaching us is amazing with all diagrams

Samit                                          This course has a lot of good content and very well presented. Thank you

Dani (teacher):                          It was concise and consequent. The exercises were good exposed and explained. Simply excellent. I promise,     that i will use some ideas in my every day practice in my classroom. I’m also teaching physics, but in HungarianI finished this course to improve my skills, first of all in interesting approaches, and foreign language skills as well. This course was exactly what I expected!

Who this course is for:

  • Students preparing for IIT JEE or NEET
  • AP Physics students
  • IGCSE Students
  • First year (freshman) engineering students


  • Students need to have finished class 10 physics

What you’ll learn

  • What is electric charge
  • Conductors and insulators
  • Coulomb’s law
  • Electric fields
  • What is electric flux
  • Gauss Law
  • Application of Gauss Law (sphere, wire, parallel plates)
  • How to measure electric flux


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