Palo Alto Firewall Configuration
Size: 10.2 GB

1- Palo Alto Course starting from Designing Network and introduce the PA Firewall .

2- what are the different between Statless firewall and stateful firewall ?

3- The Lap Setup in EVE-NG.

4- How to register your Firewall .

5- How to assign the Polices ?

6-Palo Alto Routing protocol.

7- How to configure the OSPF Rouitng protocol .

8-How to configure the Default Route .

9- How to create the zones ?

10- How to create DMZ Zone to be used for Servers ?

11- How to select the Appliance based on the Bandwidth utilization  ?

12- How to Configured the Interfaces and what are the differences between all interfaces  ?

13- How to configure the Nating Policy ?

14- How to configure the Security Pollices ?

15- How to configure the Security Profile ?

16- How to Configure the PA as the Best Practice ?

17- The Concept of High Availbility .

18- How to configure the Threat Prevention Profile ?

19 – How to configure the Zone Protection ?

20- How to assign the DoS Protection  ?

22- How to isloate your WIFI Network from your corperate Network .

23- How to limit the Access to the Firewall Managemnt based on your Subnet and your IP asddress ?

24- How to Block the traffic based on the App ID ?

25- How to monitor your firewall throuhg the ACC Dash Board ?

Who this course is for:

  • This Course designed for Network Engineer & Security Engineer and for Cyber Security Engineer

What you’ll learn

  • Student will be to Design, deploy, configure,maintain, and troubleshoot Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls to protect networks from cutting edge cyber
  • Student will be able to Pass the Exam after this course .
  • Student will be able to manage a large scale infrastructure
  • Student will understand the core concept of the firewall


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