Network Activity and Packet Analysis with Python
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This course will prepare you to design and deploy Python solutions using Scapy and its modules as part of a network security toolkit. This includes a review of how to use the Scapy both interactively and programmatically.

What you’ll learn

Would you like to focus on Python’s use in a network security environment? In this course, Network Activity and Packet Analysis with Python, you’ll learn about several concepts that enable a network security engineer/consultant to design and deploy solutions that aid in their day-to-day activities and help expand on their potential abilities. First, you’ll learn how Scapy’s packet engine is designed and implemented to perform actions on individual packets. Next, you’ll learn how to use Scapy to sniff network traffic, monitor for brute force attacks and perform port scanning and traceroute functions. Finally, you’ll learn how to perform connection hijacking and perform traffic replay. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge required to utilize Python and Scapy for some of the most common network security tasks that can then be used to extend your security toolkit.


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