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This course is for the total beginner or someone new to 3D who is frustrated that it takes hours to make something in 3D. This course is only 35 minutes!

I move kind of fast to keep the course short, so don’t hesitate to ask a question in the Discussion area.

Download the project files in the Projects & Resources tab and once you finish please share your work in a Project there as well.

Grab some tea or coffee and let’s crank out a cool, shareable looping animation and introduce you to how quickly and easily you can animate in 3D!

In this course you will learn:

  • Basic tools of Maya
  • Use and animate deformers
  • Create a ‘MASH’ network
  • How to customize the animation
  • Apply Shader Presets
  • Light with an HDRI image
  • Render animation as an image sequence
  • Combine image sequences in After Effects

HOMEPAGE – https://www.anonymz.com/…Motion-Graphics-Animation-in-Maya-Animate-A-3D-Looping-Mobius-Strip/1636531442

Free Download Link-

Note: Comment below if you find any link dead or getting problem in downloading files.


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