Mobile Development: Kotlin Programming for Android
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Many learners are overwhelmed by the many online resources that they try but did not work when developing a mobile application for Android using Kotlin. By focusing on a curriculum that is tested by many students when they learn mobile development. You will learn in a simple easy to understand way.

Do you want to learn from a faculty who teaches mobile development in Android since 2013?

In this course, you will learn in simple steps how to develop mobile applications using Kotlin. The pattern followed to develop the mobile applications is simplified to be: start with an idea, design the solution, and code the solution. The approach followed in teaching will be learning-by-doing to have the learners attains the most skills from each class. Students will learn about activities, views, activity life cycle, RESTful mobile applications, mobile database, and developing an action bar. All the developed programs are using Kotlin and each developed application will run using an Android studio virtual device.

You will learn the following topics:

– Introduction to Android

– First Mobile Application using Kotlin

-Age Calculator Application

-Views and View Containers

-SpongeBob Character Selector Application

-Implicit Intent and Explicit Intent

-Cafe Application

-Activity Life Cycle

-Stopwatch Application


-To-do list application using REST Web API

-Cats images application using REST Web API

-SQLite Database

-Action Bar

-Notes application using SQLite database

Who this course is for:

  • Student or developer who wants to learn Kotlin to develop Android mobile applications

What you’ll learn

  • be knowledgeable in developing programs in the given mobile platform
  • Enhance students understanding of the GUI design principles for mobile applications
  • Enhance effective use of object-oriented programming concepts
  • Develop mobile applications using Android and Kotlin


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