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In this class, you will learn all that is required to make use of Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts in Excel. The knowledge you gained in this course will give you a competitive advantage in the jobs marketplace and skyrocket your personal development.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create and manipulate Excel Pivot Table in just a few minutes!
  • How to apply value filters to get different data insights that will take your analytical skills to the next level!
  • How to create interactive Excel Dashboards using Slicers and PivotCharts that will blow the mind of your supervisors!
  • How to find different trends in data that can help you in decision-making!
  • Different Pivot Table tips and tricks that you can use to become faster and more efficient at your work! 

Why You Should Take This Class

I have been teaching for more than 20 years and I have helped a few thousand students to gain useful knowledge and find good jobs. 

Mastering PivotTables will give you a competitive advantage in the jobs marketplace by gaining career-building skills.

Who This Class is For

This course is not an introduction to Excel and it is not for absolute beginners. This course is right for you if you already have some experience with Excel, but you would like to master the most powerful tool – Excel Pivot Tables. 

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