Machine Learning use in React Native, The Practical Guide
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Welcome to the Machine Learning use in React Native, The Practical Guide

Covering all the fundamental concepts of using ML models inside React Native applications, this is the most comprehensive React Native ML course available online Machine Learning use in React Native.

The important thing is you don’t need to know background working knowledge of Machine learning and computer vision to use ML models inside React Native and train them.

Starting from a very simple example course will teach you to use advanced ML models in your React Native ( Android & IOS ) Applications. So after completing this course you will be able to use both simple and advanced Tensorflow lite models in your React Native( Android & IOS ) applications.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who took Basic React Native course before
  • Beginner React Native Developer curious about Machine learning and computer vision use in React Native
  • Experienced Professional want to add ML models in their React Native Applications
  • App developer want to learn use of Machine learning in their React Native Applications
  • Intermediate React Native developers looking to enhance their skillset

What you’ll learn

  • Use of Machine learning models with images from gallery and camera in React Native
  • Use of Tensorflow lite models in React Native
  • Training Machine Learning models for React Native Applications
  • Live Feed Image classification and Object Detection in React Native
  • Image Segmentation and Pose Estimation in React Native
  • Building Machine learning based Realtime React Native Applications
  • Machine Learning models use in React Native to build Smart Android and IOS Applications


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