Live XSS Bounty
Size: 1.00 GB

in this course I will show you live bug bounty

How I get bounty from bugcrowd

also share with you how I find my frist bug and many more

if you just started or are interested  to learn about bug bounty it will be a very usefull course for you

I will show you everything that you need to know become a sucessfull bug bounty hunter

I will give you full roadmap for find your frist bug and get your frist bounty

also we will become familiar with bugcrowd bug bounty platform

we will learn all about bugcrowd

we will also learn about the bug bounty tool

we have a full session on burpsuite that is very useful tool for bug bounty

this course fully based on xss

in there you will learn all about xss

also I will share will you How i got my frist bug xss and live bounty from bugcrowd

in this course there is waiting a lot of knowledge for you

enroll now let’s  meet onto our course

Who this course is for:

  • bug bounty hunters
  • who is interested in security and hacking
  • hackers
  • web security specialist
  • website security researcher

What you’ll learn

  • live xss bounty
  • bug bounty hunting
  • ethical hacking
  • website security
  • website hacking
  • xss


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